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Welcome To BRMC!

The Radio Master Class Students (2018)

About Us

Since 2016, BRMC has provided basic training on broadcast journalism skills to entry level broadcasters and refresher courses for professionals.

Our mission is to provide African journalists with the necessary resources, tools, and knowledge to tell authentic African stories and deliver credible journalism.


We believe that by equipping journalists with relevant resources, tools, and knowledge we can assist them in their professional development as well as help them fulfil their roles as responsible communicators in society.

We are committed to providing a sustainable solution for local media organisations by providing access to virtual self-directed courses covering various subject areas from basic storytelling techniques to digital investigations, fact checking and interview skills.

How BRMC Works

BBRMC classes are virtual and self directed and assignments are given for each student to complete in their own time during the week.


Study materials are presented in audio and text format and are available on the study site for registered students to access.

Students listen to and read  training materials at their own convenience, and complete short assignments and assesments.

A BRMC Instructor and mentor is always available to have a review session with students to discuss and offer pointers to practice.

At the end of the virtual study course, students who register for all the courses are eligible for  our assisted internship placements where they are assigned to radio stations that BRMC  partners with, to observe how live radio is produced and presented, and serve as an apprentice in various aspects at the radio station

Internship And Job Placement Assistance

BRMC graduates who successfully complete their radio course receives a certificate of completion. In addition, we offer an internship and job placement assistance for members of our mentors training program.


This is not a guarantee of a job, however, as your chances of being offered employment or being recommended by your mentor for hire are directly related to your training efforts. If you’re punctual, prepared, are passionate about radio, and get along well with others, your chances of landing employment will exponentially increase.

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