Welcome To BRMC!


About Us

Broadcasting in the 21st Century has evolved with digital technology, and that evolution has effected changes in programing, content, delivery and audience engagement.


Nigeria’s broadcast media is also fast embracing the digital space through online radio platforms, podcasts and V-logs.  

Broadcast Radio Master Class exposes students to the opportunities available on digital platforms and teach how broadcasters can branch out to become entrepreneurs, looking to develop the next innovative sites, products or services.

The BRMC training program is designed to prepare our students for the realities of modern day media industry.  Every course has been carefully selected and prepared by seasoned practicing broadcasters, to provide not only theoretical knowledge, but practical experience of real life broadcast situations.

The Radio Master Class attracts attendees from a wealth of young media enthusiasts – including those who are pursuing academic broadcasting courses and those from the wider community who have an interest in radio and just want to learn more.

BMRC intensive workshops, also give our students the opportunity to connect and network with established media practitioners, ask relevant questions and most importantly, learn the basics of their intended career.

How BRMC Works

Because BRMC Students have a unique schedule with varying degrees of availability, (the majority of the students are people with regular Day Jobs sometimes in other fields), classes are virtual and assignments are given for each student to complete in their own time during the week.


Study materials are received by email and in class groups.

Students read and watch training materials at their own convenience, and complete short assignments. 


BRMC assignments are usually recorded mock radio shows and Information learned from completed assignments are meant to be applied to the weekly mock radio shows.

The recordings are critiqued and reviewed in class and a BRMC Instructor who acts as mentor is always available on WhatsApp to have a review session with students to discuss and offer pointers to practice.

At the end of the 5 weekend virtual classroom sessions, students are divided into groups and assigned to radio stations that BRMC  partners with, to observe how live radio is produced and presented, and serve as an apprentice in various aspects at the radio station

Internship And Job Placement Assistance

BRMC graduates who successfully complete their radio course receives a certificate of completion. In addition, we offer an internship and job placement assistance for members of our mentors training program.


This is not a guarantee of a job, however, as your chances of being offered employment or being recommended by your mentor for hire are directly related to your training efforts. If you’re punctual, prepared, are passionate about radio, and get along well with others, your chances of landing employment will exponentially increase.