Virtual Radio Presenter Training Course

Take classes at your convinience from anywhere in the world


How Do You Learn? 

BRMC's custom-designed curriculum was created by industry experts to equip our students with the broadcasting skills you’ll need to succeed in the broadcasting industry...

Basics Of Radio Presentation

Radio presenters must be dynamic, upbeat, imaginative, reactive and extremely knowledgeable about their subject. Discover how to achieve this with the instructors at BRMC, who will help you refine your style and expand your skills.

Interview Techniques

Interviewing is one of the cornerstones of radio - whether it is used for gathering information, giving an idea of the atmosphere, or creating a memorable moment. There is no such thing as a bad interviewee, just bad a interviewer! Learn how to plan and conduct effective interviews with iour nstructors

Content Research & Show Prep

Radio stations have basic forms of preps giving consistency to the radio format and guides everyone involved in programming. However, for content producers and anchors you need more work in designing your voice and daily content to fit the overall focus of the station and satisfy your audience's need.

Digital Content Creation

Digital technologies have changed the nature and function of media in our society. Today, digital content creatives have a duty to publish accurate and compelling stories to targeted audiences while being engaging and “share-worthy”.

This course will help you develop engaging multimedia content for broadcast and the web.


"One of the highlights of the program for me was the internship opportunity I got through the BRMC.  I now work as a broadcast intern at 99.3 Nigeria Info FM.


I also enjoy continued mentorship even after the program ended. I have access to some of the facilitators from the training and they have been very supportive.

The BRMC program I was part of in August 2017 has been a pivotal experience for me. I have re-discovered my love for writing through some of the assignments we were given and this has helped improve my online presence"

- Oladipo Omoware

I'm a medical doctor by training with a burning passion for media. The moment I decided I needed to go into media fully, I began to search for a platform that will help me learn the basics.
I came across BRMC through a friend and I got interested.
Attending BRMC catapulted me into my dreams of being the next big thing on radio! 2nd July 2018, I got internship placement at Nigeria Info FM and it has been the most amazing time of my life on radio.

Dr George (The Talk Doctor)