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Participants Selected for Inaugural Cohort of BRMC Solutions Journalism Training

The BRMC Institute is thrilled to announce the selection of participants for the inaugural cohort of the BRMC Solutions Journalism Training program. After an extensive and meticulous selection process, the final group of participants has been chosen among hundreds of highly qualified applications.

The BRMC Solutions Journalism Training is an initiative designed to equip journalists with the skills and knowledge to engage in solutions-oriented reporting, highlighting the untold stories of positive change in our communities. This unique program aims to reshape the narrative by focusing on solutions, inspiring audiences, and fostering constructive dialogue.

"We were overwhelmed by the response and quality of applications we received for the Solutions Journalism Training," said Nelly Kalu, BRMC’s Director of Training. "The selection process was rigorous, with a comprehensive evaluation of each candidate's experience, passion for impactful reporting, and commitment to promoting positive change through journalism."

The selected participants come from diverse backgrounds and represent a wide range of media outlets, including print, digital, and broadcast. They bring with them a shared passion for driving positive social impact through their work.

During the BRMC Solutions Journalism Training program, participants will undergo an immersive learning experience. They will delve into the principles and practices of solutions journalism, mastering techniques for uncovering and reporting on the strategies, innovations, and initiatives that tackle societal challenges head-on.

Key benefits for participants include In-depth workshops and seminars, hands-on training in identifying and researching solutions-focused stories, mentorship and guidance from seasoned journalists with extensive experience in the field. They will also have access to a vibrant and supportive community of journalists committed to solutions-oriented reporting.

The BRMC Institute remains committed to advancing the field of journalism and supporting the next generation of journalists who are eager to contribute to positive societal transformation.

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