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Level Up Your Journalism Skills: Apply for BRMC Solutions Journalism Training

Solutions journalism training offers aspiring and experienced journalists a unique opportunity to enhance their skills and broaden their understanding of innovative journalism.

By adopting a "guide on the side" approach, utilizing real-world scenarios, case studies, simulations, and intellectually challenging activities, this training aims to engage participants and demonstrate the value of solutions journalism in recognizing intersectionalities in narratives.


  1. Exploring nuances: This training will enable journalists to delve deeper into the complexities and peculiarities of the issues they investigate, moving beyond the traditional focus on problems alone.

  2. Shifting perspectives: The training encourages participants to view innovative journalism as a lens through which they can examine human struggles, representation, and critical examination, even in a polarized world.

  3. Exploring storytelling possibilities: Participants will gain fresh perspectives for storytelling by exploring innovative approaches, enabling them to captivate audiences and connect with readers, listeners, and viewers in new and engaging ways

  4. Contextual understanding: As African journalists, recognizing the importance of providing context for adaptability is crucial. Solutions journalism training equips participants with the tools to understand and present narratives within the broader social, cultural, and historical contexts.

  5. Inclusivity and diversity: By recognizing intersectionalities, journalists can better represent the voices and experiences of marginalized communities, promoting inclusivity and diversity in their reporting.\Analyzing success, failure, and adaptability: Participants will learn how to critically evaluate the factors influencing the success or failure of solutions, as well as their potential for adoption in different contexts. This analysis provides a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding solutions.

  6. Developing analytical thinking: Through the use of real-world scenarios, case studies, and simulations, the training fosters participants' analytical thinking skills, enabling them to dissect problems, identify underlying issues, and propose effective solutions.

Eligibility Criteria:

Early to mid-career journalists in either print, broadcast or digital media able to commit to the full training program, and proficient in written and spoken English regardless of their language of broadcast (pidgin, Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa), are eligible for this training.

Application Submission:

Interested journalists will be required to submit their applications by filling the form HERE Additionally, applicants must provide references who can vouch for their commitment to journalism and potential for growth.

Training Program:

The selected participants will engage in a four-day virtual training program conducted by BRMC. The program will include interactive classes, group discussions, case studies, and simulations to provide a comprehensive understanding of solutions journalism and its application in different media contexts.


Following the virtual classes, the participants will receive three weeks of mentorship. This mentorship period will allow participants to further refine their skills, receive personalized guidance, and work on real-world projects under the guidance of their mentors.

Certificate of Participation:

Upon successful completion of the training program and mentorship period, participants will be awarded a certificate of participation by BRMC. This certificate will serve as a recognition of their commitment to solutions journalism and their professional development.

Applications Will Be Closed On Saturday June 24th 2023


Nelly Kalu is a multiplatform investigative journalist with experience in fact checking and investigating disinformation; Her experience ranges through radio, television, podcasting, digital media, media consultancy, training and advocacy.

An alumni of Radio Netherlands Training School and (RNTC), she is skilled in research, OSINT methodologies, digital investigation, solutions journalism and media innovation and campaigns.

As a Journalism trainer, she facilitates and trains at institutes such as the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) Training School, Broadcast Radio MasterClass (BRMC), and UNHCR Journalist Mentorship Programme. She is a product of the Environmental Reporting Committee (ERC) and Solutions Journalism Trainer of Trainer programmes.

Nelly is passionate about audience engagement in African media and the freedom to share diverse views and dialogue centering the voice of minorities through free press; a belief she shared in her TedX talk titled “The Distant Reality Of Feminism and Gender Equality” hosted by the Lagos State University (LASU).

She is also a member of Wanadata, a pan-African network of female journalists, data scientists and technologists; a host and panellist with Radio Days Africa, Her superpower is intersectionality.

She is dedicated to showing the connection between seeming abstracts which not only simplifies complex issues but creates sustainable impact.

A 2022 World Press Institute Fellow, she studied operations and business models for media and free press in America while exchanging cross border ideas on how to achieve press independence in Nigeria.

Nelly is a fellow of the ICFJ Leap Trust Innovation Solutions Challenge and the Craig Newmack School of Journalism (CUNY) Product Immersion Program in New York.

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