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The Basic Education Media Fellowship is envisioned to celebrate, upskill and support media practitioners for qualitative and sustained reportage of basic education issues in Nigeria.

It aims to deepen participants’ knowledge, expand media networks and coverage of all aspects of basic education, thereby increasing public awareness on basic education issues and ultimately secure state and non-state support towards addressing basic education challenges in Nigeria.

The initiative will recognise and reward existing media work on making the legal framework for basic education more responsive to the current gaps in service delivery and address key challenges in the areas of quality, access, and systems strengthening in Nigeria.

It will galvanize media activities towards the need for Nigeria to extend free, compulsory, quality and safe education up to Senior Secondary School in alignment with SDG4 outcome target 1.

It will also seek to make free basic and secondary education and adequate financing for education, a politico-electoral issue with the intent to get the various political actors to make Basic education in Nigeria part of their mandates and that of their political parties.


  • Participate in a six-month fellowship.

  • Participate in a 3-day retreat and capacity building program

  • Be awarded $1,000 for their out-of-pocket expenses to produce stories that will deepen thoughts, cause conversations, and insightful commentaries on the state of the Basic Education in Nigeria.

  • Develop at least six media pieces within the duration of the fellowship.

  • Be provided finalists with relevant updates, data, and connections to relevant stakeholders.

  • Work alongside organizations in the Right to Education Coalition.

  • Monitor finalists’ output on basic education.


  • A media practitioner/Journalist between the ages of 18 and 40

  • Who has contributed to media reporting on basic education in Nigeria

  • Journalists from Print, Radio, TV, and Online.

  • Who will be able to join a 3 days retreat and virtual onboarding session.

  • Journalists with passion and experience in reporting/covering the education sector

DEADLINE: May 15 2022

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